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Politeks OOD Since 2000 in Bulgaria, first upholstery fabric,
then curtain and home textile products and interior decoration is involved in the sale.
Design and aesthetics at the forefront, user-friendly, appealing to all tastes with a wide range of colors and patterns range of elegant and modern stance for many years.

Politeks OOD is engaged in wholesale and retail sales with its professional staff’s original solutions,
is a branded company in the sector with its high quality services and recommendations.
Politeks ODD continues its sectoral and widespread merchandising development in Bulgaria with 24 cities and 93 points in the domestic market today.

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Our Mission

To become a worldwide brand in the home textile industry. To this end, to become institutionalized, spread and branded. To be a global organization with design power, product quality, prestigious brands, widespread availability, service quality and competent human resources.

Our Vision

Customer satisfaction, honesty, designs, quality, fast service service, teamwork, compliance with technological developments and sharing an understanding that is based on the vision of being a leading organization in the industry.